Has anyone taken the HESI exit exam or the HESI case studies?

  1. Our school just implemented this required testing at the end of each nursing course. We are still not sure how much it even costs yet but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this exam because I have no idea what to expect?
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  3. by   betabob
    Hello, my cohort took HESIs every semester, as well as the Exit HESI exam and CAT exam at the end of the program. The HESIs we had to take as lecture exams usually cost between $32-35, the CAT cost $42, and the HESI Exit was $57.

    The lecture exams were 55 questions, and only 50 counted. There were alternate formatting questions (SATA, audio, fill in the blank, point and click, etc.), but to be honest they were usually just multiple choice, SATA, and a couple fill in the blank (for dosage calc). I would recommend doing NCLEX style practice programs (like Saunders) to prepare. I honestly preferred them to teacher made exams.
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