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  1. Hey guys. So I'm in semester 2 and am currently taking Mesurg2 and Psych. We are going to be taking our first HESI exam in a week and it will be on fundamentals. I was planning on buying the saunders nclex book and using that to study for it. Do you guys have any tips or books you recommend? it's semester 2 and I still haven't gotten these nursing questions down. Do you know if the saunder also helps with regular school exams? Thanks.
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  3. by   betabob
    My cohort used the Saunders NCLEX examination 6th ed review book to study for most school exams (many of ours were HESI), it was actually a required purchase the second semester. Make sure you get one with the online code, because the Evolve questions are fantastic. The questions are NCLEX styled, there are a lot of them in many different categories/specialties, and the rationales are lengthy. Doing practice questions and reading the rationales is one of the best ways to study for nursing exams, especially if you're struggling with the question style. I bought it my first semester for my Funds final, and used to every semester after. Good luck!