Failed my Third Exit RN Hesi

  1. Does anyone know if the Version 4 RN Exit Hesi is harder from the version 1,2,3?

    I feel real terrible knowing I cannot pass this Exit hesi. I have to get >900. I have taken hesi tests after each of my nursing courses & I would average 700, but I would still pass the class because I would do well in my in class exams!

    I have no idea how to get above a 900. I feel like Hesi questions differ from the NCLEX 4000 questions. When I am taking the hesi test I am always confused and I feel like 2 answers can be correct, and I end up choosing the wrong one!

    Please help! I need & want to graduate in March!
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  3. by   arlel58
    its gets harder as you moved to the next version.
  4. by   Scarlo
    What study aids are you using other than the NCLEX 4000? Try Saunders or NCSBN learning extension.
    NCSBN Learning Extension . NCLEX preparation . Continuing Education for Nurses . Nursing Faculty Education
  5. by   HouTxNurse832
    I scored 1000+ on my exit HESI last month on the first try. My school requires a 900 as well. I can tell you how I studied.

    To let you you are right...the HESI questions are much different from NCLEX questions. So here is a "mini" explanation of how I studied:

    1. I used a website called It's not a scam as I saw listed on another post. It helped me immensely because it has questions that are VERY similar to the style you see on the actual HESI. There are 100's of questions there. It gives thorough rationale, and there is also a study plan available.

    2. I brushed up on CONTENT (pedi, OB, etc) through Saunders and NCLEX 4000. I made sure to read the rationales. The questions I missed I wrote out the rationale so I could go back and review it later. *OB was my worse subject before studying this way...I scored over 1500 on OB on the actual HESI*

    3. I purchased the Evolve Hesi book...used it to also brush up with content.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  6. by   2bNurseMustang
    I was thinking of using for a study tool...thanks for letting me know its not a scam. I Just scored an 823 on practice and Im totally bummed out about it...I don't wanna fail nursing school...I came so far
  7. by   CareMare
    So I took my 4th hesi, and I passed with 964! THANK YOU EVERYONE! I used & the yellow comprehensive saunders book!
  8. by   2bNurseMustang
  9. by   sooz10
    Congrats! Passing Hesi is one of the greatest feelings in the world, you should be so proud of yourself!!
    My school allows four chances to pass, I luckily passed the first time.. but have a lot of friends who have yet to be successful. They are about to take their 3rd exam.. and I've been doing everything I can (from moral support, to talking through questions) for some close friends. As a survivor of a 3rd exam, do you have any advice I can give them on how to be successful on this exam?!
  10. by   cherrydora07
    congrats, i am in the process of preparing to take my 2nd attempt and i fell like the hesi review book minorly helped me! my first attempt was horrible and i ended up running out of time!
  11. by   manouchkaRN
    I am currently an LPN scheduled to take the hesi next month. I need help studying and i would like to know how verions are they? From 2010 to 2013 .
  12. by   cristyr16
    Hi can anyone please help me with tools to study for the hesi
  13. by   MissyNik
    Hey I used my Saunders NCLEX book along with the NCLEX 4000 program. The Saunders book has questions at the end of the chapters to see how you mastered the content and there's the CD from the book as well with massive questions from different nursing topics. Once I did the questions from NCLEX 4000 I made sure to use the strategies from chapter 5 in the Saunders book to get through them. I will tell anyone that the HESI isn't always about content but its about how you approach and tackle the questions.................STRATEGY STRATEGY STRATEGY!!!!
  14. by   SereMedina28
    Your HESI program should provide feedback on the Elsevier website. I have found this helpful as it tells you what information that you missed on the HESI so you can study it for the NCLEX.