Cant get the score i need

  1. Hey guys I need help!

    I was going to Apply to Nursing school this Spring 18 but the Hesi holding me back I made a 76, which isn't any good for my Overall profile score to apply to nursing school.

    I will need an 85> on the Hesi to atleast apply to Nursing school or I will need to retake some classes to
    boost my Gpa up or just apply to the LPN program

    Which would you prefer taking the Hesi till I make 85> (I took more than 2 times) or retake two classes in the summer and then apply in the Fall 18 to start in the spring of 19?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I would retake the classes THEN retake HESI. There is a knowledge gap if you cannot meet the minimum score after multiple attempts.
  4. by   amthenurse
    Thank you , I told myself to just retake 2 classes over