Brookdale community college nursing

  1. Hi I'm am in the brookdale nursing program my second semester. I was wondering if there is anyone else that is in the program or has graduated ? How was the program? What you did to pass each semester ? And how do I prepare for the hesi exam ?
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  3. by   Jakewaye1
    Hi! May I ask how long you were on the waiting list before you got into the program?
  4. by   Lovethenurse2b25
    I was on the waiting list for about 6 months before I got excepted into the program
  5. by   Jakewaye1
    Thank you for your response! I was told it would be 1& months but truly everyone I asked that's either in the program or completed it has told me more like 6 months to 9 months wait! My fingers are crossed- I'm sitting in the March info session!
  6. by   Lovethenurse2b25
    Yes, they also just recently transitioned from a 5 semester program to a 4 semester program so the waiting list would be much shorter.