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HESI A2 retake

by tammy92 tammy92 (New) New

I recently took the hesi for the first time and I didn't do so well on Vocabulary section so I have to retake the exam. Has anyone took HESI A2 version 2 before? How was it compare to the first one? Any advices? :)


Is it required to pass your HESI for your school?

Yeah I'm trying to apply at UT Health Science in Houston. For the Hesi, I have to take Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, & Anatomy and physiology. I have to score 75% or higher @SuperRN365

Wow! Good luck. I never HAD to pass HESI in order to get into my school or stay into it, so I'm not sure how to study for it. However, I know they have some books out there. Also, if you can get into whatever account you used to take HESI, HESI offers remediation on your weak areas.

Wish I could help more!