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Hi guys,

I'm looking into RN-BSN programs (Recently graduated) and wondering if anyone has any experience with Herzing university and what they thought of it? Is it worth getting into??

Hey there! I'm applying to the BSN program. I've see sooo many mixed reviews on allnurses and niche.com, so I'm also looking to see if this school is worth it. So far the advisor has been honest with me about fees and the program. I did check on the CCNE website and the program is accredited. I've also seen others say that they had to retake like 5 classes because apparently their classes didn't transfer, but all of mine did except for one (Herzing said I can retake onlike from Portage University because it is much cheaper). Is the job placement really as bad as some people make it out to be LOL? That's one of my biggest concerns. Thanks 🙂

- lizzxo


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