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Help wtih the hesi a2 entrance exam..

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by danni03 danni03 (New) New Student Pre-Student

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I have been looking for study prep course for the hesi a2 entrance exam. I know you can look it up online but so many pop up and iam not sure which one is the best on to pay for. Does any one have experiences with one that help them? I wanted to get my money worth.

Thank You 

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Jdinh1992 has 1 years experience.

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I used the HESI admission assessment exam review book only. My math (96%) and vocabulary (96%) were my strongest subjects while I struggled with grammar (84%) and reading(84%).The A&P section was also a great refresher. I scored 100% on the A&P section (by sheer luck) but also from reading the A&P sections of that book. The people who write the test, wrote that book, and imo is very cheap- it was only like $30 on Amazon.

definately go over your weakest areas and study those- if it’s vocabulary, study the terms and definitions, math, do a bunch of practice math, A&P, go over body systems (I remember having a lot of musculoskeletal questions) and basic grammar/reading.


best of luck!


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