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hey y'all! im from atl campus and I am the last cohort to take med surg 1 and pharm together. the majority of us passed with flying colors.

now we are all struggling to survive. no joke. we are so unprepared for this CMS pharm test on ATI, we are screwed. we took a quiz today and we all walked out laughing because we all wanted to cry.

does anyone have a good study method or technique? I have been studying the ATI book. I know my drugs. I study by category. I just can't fail anymore. My self esteem is at rock bottom, I study for more than 5 days for exams to barely get a 70 or 72 (so far in med surg II). our class average is ranging around my grades as well but its so discouraging. any words of inspiration would be so appreciated! 

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