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Help!! Wallace State Application Question

I saw my advisor two weeks ago and had him look over my nursing app for fall. I still lack micro but he said I had a good shot at getting in. He said to staple my TEAS scores to my app and turn it in so I did. Today I talked to a friend who is applying for ADN and she also lacks only micro. She said that the nursing dept secretary had her attach her high school transcripts so they could give her points for one high school class in place of micro. I am so confused now! I thought you could either use high school transcripts or college but not a mixture of both. I'm wondering why my advisor wouldn't have advised me of this lol. Someone please tell me if you are in the same situation and what all you turned in with your app! It's getting close to dealine now :(

I didn't think you could use a mix of classes, I'm not sure. Try not to worry, plenty get in and still need to take Micro. I mailed mine Monday, so now I just have to wait & see. I turned in my TEAS score & copies of all my college transcripts just to be on the safe side.