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Help? types of acetabular cup?

by Lou7 Lou7 (New) New


Can anyone please help me? Im a scrub nurse working in a total hip replacement theatre. I am learning the different types of prosthesis for the surgery. I have heard of the different types of acetabular cups but I cant find anything on the internet to explain the difference between them all. Can some lovely person push me in the direction of a learning resource or can anyone explain them to me?

Hooded, flanged, constrained, rim fit etc.

Thank you, would appreciate any help.



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type those terms into google. it will show you images of each one. If you have a functional knowledge of total hips you will understand immediately how they work when you see the pictures in the search.

Thank you for replying Argo, appreciate it. Will try googling a little more.


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I'm sure the reps could provide you some education. The reps at my job rock!!