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Help! TCC or TJC


SO...I've been accepted to the nursing program at both Tarrant County College and Tyler Junior College. I have to decide by tomorrow which I want to go to. I'm not sure where to find the rankings of community college nursing programs in Texas..... Does anyone know where to find this info? Or, does anyone know which is a better program???



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TCC is well known in the DFW area as a very good school, it is highly respected in several hospitals around the area. It's where I graduated, very tough program though. I think that is why most employers want TCC graduates.


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I got to TJC and our graduates dnt just go to work in the are, thaey go NEAR and FAR. I've never heard of TCC but im preety sure they are the same. My friend is doing the ADN program and is FINALLY having to study because it's so demanding. Since imtrying to get in can you tell me what ur GPA was and your test score?