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So I got a call from my ex professor with a Job offer. I'm a new LPN graduate and newly licensed.

So I emailed my resume and answered the questions that they asked, swore it was the right resume and sent it... Well it wasn't. So I replied again acknowledging guilt and asked to void the last resume because this is the updated resume.

Did I just lose my chance of getting the job?!

I would not say you lost your chance! If you explained the mishaps, they can be understanding. If you don't hear back over a week or more, I would contact them for an update and remind them of your strong interest in the job. And if you're comfortable, attach your resume again.

People make mistakes but I don't think this would hurt your case. Everyone has many versions of their resumes.

Heck no you didn't lose your chance. As long as they have the right resume then you're fine on that front. Chances are they'll just disregard the first one you sent as if it never happened.