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I am LVN who has done private duty nursing . I would like to get in with a clinic, DRs office.Ican not even seem to get a call for an interview. I was just offered a position in a jail in elk grove would you recommend i take it? It will be at least an hour drive without traffic but I will be hired through uc davis which could help to get me in the door with other positions at a later date

tropical bound

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pagandeva2000 is a LPN and specializes in Community Health, Med-Surg, Home Health.

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Well, if nothing else is available to you and you think you can handle working in a jail, I would say to try it. I have a friend that worked in a jail, and she rather enjoyed it. But, there are many other nurses that have felt challenged and even afraid to work in one, because the potential of violence is always there. Also, I hear that many times, people are mandated to work overtime. But, anything beats being hungry and on the streets, so, I say to go for it...at least until you find the position you really want.

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