Help! Suggestions needed.

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I am only 43 yrs old, been a LPN for 11 years. I also worked in EMS for about 8 years. The doctor put me out of work for back problems in August of this year. I am too young not to work, and miss my job. I am trying to figure out what area of nursing I can do that does not involve alot of heavy lifting and walking. The more I walk, the more I hurt.

Please, suggestions needed.


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I don't know about the states but in Canada there is in advice. No lifting, no walking.



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Doctor's office?

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How about Case Management / Utilization Review? I've done that before and the only lifting I did was a clip board or chart. :D



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Advice nurse, telephone triage nurse, insurance companies use RN's for many areas disease management, case management, discharge planning, to name a few... good luck with your search!

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I work for an insurance company doing concurrent review. It's a complex job, but one I can do at a computer and doesn't involve strain on my overworked body. (15 years as a CNA, and 10 as a floor nurse.)



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possibly a unit clerk? i working in a nursing home and they hire LPN unit clerks. no heavy lifting. mostly desk work. good luck hunny.

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