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Help! RSU or OU ABSN? Oklahoma nurses

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by RileyLD RileyLD (New Member) New Member

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Hi! I am having trouble deciding between two programs. University of Oklahoma ABSN program or Rogers State University in Claremore. The OU program would be nice since it is an accelerated program and even though it will be intense, I will be done in 14 months.

RSU also is in the card due to the closeness to my home and because it is less demanding and would work better with my familiy's schedule.

What were your experience with either of the programs? What did you days look like time wise and on clinical days?

At RSU did you schedule stay the same semester to semester? Like did your clinicals stay on Mondays throughout the whole program?

I need some advice, and I have been getting conflicting information from previous students. Help!!

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