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HELP!!! Recently landed a job as home health nurse

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Should I run while I can?

  1. 1. Should I run while I can?

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I've recently landed a job as home health nurse. The company has me on as an independent contractor. I understand that I am responsible for my own taxes but they had me fill out a W4 for the State of Michigan and a 1099 and I don't understand why. Then I've had people tell me that I'm basically being paid under the table (which I don't believe) and I am just confused.... PLEASE HELP!!!

You should probably contact a tax advisor.

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Your posts has been moved to the Home Health Nursing forum with the hope that our experienced HH nurses will chime in with their feedback regarding your payment structure. Good luck to you.

I would just leave this employer if you do not feel confident about this arrangement. Find one of the employers that make it easy to figure out the nature of your compensation.