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Help with reading?

WiscoLPN WiscoLPN (New) New

Anyone have any tips for getting tons of reading done? I have a hard time because I love to read, and when not is school always haul a book around. My nursing texts are huge and too hard to schlep all over with me. Am I really supposed to read all 150 pages, plus do 3 case studies and 7 worksheets? Is there any E versions of textbooks, I would love to be able to download stuff to my phone and read when I get a free bit of time

I'm not complaining, just wondering if anyone has any tips to help organize my reading/homework. I am a SAHM, with a 4 yr old and a 14mth old, so my time is not really my own. I know this is supposed to be a lot of work, I just need some ideas.



- you won't read it all, anyways, so don't get too caught up on that idea

- unbind textbooks and either 3-punch them or get them rebound in small sections that you can carry around