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help with this question plz

by stuart_2994 stuart_2994 (New) New

ok so i was doing my saunders review and i came across this question:

the nurse is taking care of a patient who experiences chest pain. the nurse would interpret that pain is likely due to MI if which of the following observations is made by the nurse:

1.)client does not experience nausea and vomiting

2.)client states that pain began when opening a stuck drawer

3.)pain has not been unrelieved by rest and three nitroglycerin patch

4.)pain radiates to the left arm

now the answer was number 3, i know that a chest pain that is unrelieved by rest and nitroglycerin patch is MI, but option 3 states: has "not" been unrelieved. now if we take away that "not" or "un" in unrelieved it would have been the right answer right? if we rephrase it "pain has not been uncured by rest" it doesnt sound right, i mean, doeasnt the word "not" cancels out the "un" in unrelieved? ty


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Don't think too much into it. #3 is the right answer, none of the other answers can be right.

I found there were a few typos or grammar errors in Saunders.