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HELP! Prior DUI needing in a step up from LVN to RN

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Help! I am unsure where to go and what to do and hope there is someone out there who has any inkling of an idea or contact.

I have a DUI that I got 4 years ago and after a year of fighting it, was convicted 3 years ago. I am almost finished with my LVN/LPN (December woohoo!) and want to do my step up for my RN. I don't have the best grades with my pre-reqs (Anatomy C/ Physio C/ Micro B) but am determined to make it! In San Diego county all the hospitals and schools follow the Consortium and American Data Bank. Which pulls up your background check and you submit your profile to clinical sites. I have been upfront about it with the program that I am in now and the director has been a saint helping me work through any issues. 

My big issue is where can I do my remaining school with this imperfect background check????

Admission and clearance with clinical sites...I am willing to go out of San Diego but where....

Any advice or direction would be so appreciated, a contact even!


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