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Help me please!


Does anyone know about the following programs?

Austin Peay State University

South College (Knoxville)

East Tennessee State University

I greatly need your input because I have to choose one of these 3 schools to attend.




Specializes in Clinical Risk Management.

Sorry, Angela, I don't have any info about these programs. I worked with some nurses who graduated from Austin Peay who were quite competent. That's as close as I come to having info.

Good luck to you as you make your decision!


your from chat...how about UTC? or UT in Martin is excellent..my daughter graduated from UTC with a degree in history...the nursing program at UTM is excellent and i hear is user-friendly. Us News and World Report rated the med school at East Tn in the top ten several years ago and that may say something even about the nursing program.

If your like my kids..( I am old) ....you will pick the one farther from home

i have worked with nurses from all over and all degrees..academia is obviously necessary but real nursing is from the heart...sounds like you want to be a nurse...your attitude will make you a sucess no matter where you attend...enjoy dave

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