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Help please :d please.please.please


NEED help for paperwork and pathophysiology.

Hello there nurses and future nurses :D

i would like to ask for help regarding my health teaching strategy class. oh please heed my cry. i need someone to check our(me and my groupmates) paper/report about the health teaching we did. the basics like introductions, significance, etc. you don't have to thoroughly EDIT it, it is just like you're going to give comments if this one is vague, that paragraph is inappropriate, this sentence doesn't answer the question, and so on..

i know that this problem is very simple but i am no genius. i am not confident about what did(i edit the group's work :'() so i am asking for others' opinion about the paperwork. please please please HELP me. i know almost all members of this community is busy but please. :D lovelots and always smile :D

take care everyone :))


ps: can you please check the pathophysiology that i made? it's about Sickle cell anemia and Hydrocephalus for my pediatrics class. :)

pps: i hope im not breaking any law in posting this one.

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Where's the paper? Nothing is posted.

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