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*Help*Pima Medical Institute LPN-RN


I am hoping I can get some recent info on what to expect for LPN-RN program at Pima Medical in Mesa.

What seems to be the struggle for the LPN's? What clinical rotation is expected in Block 3 and 4?

Typical weekly schedule? Testing tips for pharm and patho? I am looking to get some information from recent or current students, I hope to get a reply! :) Thank you in advance!



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I am in the Tucson program and it is extremely difficult for many of us in the class. Hrs: Mo 8a-12p, Tu 8a-430p We 615a-615p(clinicals, but can be any day of the week), and Thu 8a-230p. There is tons of reading and homework. Probably shouldn't work, although I am..but I happen to have a homehealth nursing job that allows me to study. You'll have roughly 6 classes a week, includes LPN refresher and you will have to take LPN Hesi afterward, med/surg. clinical, pharmacology, and labs. Good luck, I dropped once, but the school talked me into coming back...


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