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Help with my paper!

by meghanharr meghanharr (New) New

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I'm currently working on a paper regarding poly-cystic ovarian syndrome for my pathophysiology class. This one section I have no idea on treatment of this disease with lpn vs BSN. Thank you in advance!!

Student will discuss their role in the treatment of the client as an LPN and how they perceive their role to change with the new knowledge/ skill set of a baccalaureate prepared nurse.

For PCOS I would consider the education that would need to be done

diet and weight control

difficulty conceiving a child

medication management - which medications may be used and any potential side effects

discuss the pathology as to why these may be issues and/or necessary

just some thoughts. Best of luck

bitter_betsy, BSN

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You are probably done now - but keep in mind that an LPN cannot provide teaching and can only care for stable patients.