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Help! NCLEX 2nd attempt next week


I took the Nclex 2 months ago and didn't pass @ 150 questions. When I received the breakdown, I was near passing on 5 sections, above passing on 1, and below passing on 2 (Pharmacology and something I can't remember right now.) I took Kaplan prior to test #1. All I did was the tons of practice questions. This time, I've done more content and also did a course through NCSBN. I am feeling a bit more confident this time, but I am still stressing because everyone says it is how you figure out the question.

So this is what is getting me...when I am asked a question and I have never heard of the topic they are asking, how do I answer it? Any suggestions?

I've talked to some of my professors who all agree that it was nerves that got me the first time, but still, I need to make sure I am walking in there confidently so I needed some additional advice. Thanks!

Since you are doing content this time around its a good thing. Content + test taking strategy is a great combination.