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help-nclex in 2 days


hi everyone

im taking nclex rn in 2 days, I scored 58.33 in kaplan's readiness test what's the chance in passing?i have 2 days and I don't know what to study with the time constraint.

thank you for the input.

Hi ivi-strawberry. It is hard to tell you if you are ready for the exam without knowing how you have prepared and how you feel about it. When I took my nclex the first time I did not feel completely confident going to the test because I thought that I needed more time to go over a few things. I regret I did not reschedule the exam because it happened what I was afraid of. I ran out of time on question 224, and did not pass.

Only you know how you feel about taking the test. I know it is hard to deal with the anxiety that get worse as you are approaching the date of your exam. But if you know that you have studied be confident and go shine!