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Help moving to Tampa

Hi, can someone please give me information on Tampa area? I'm moving in Jan 06, can you please tell about starting pay for LPNs.




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I live in Tampa. What area are you going to be moving to? There are different salaries in different hospitals. Let me know and I can probably help you.


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I couldn't tell you what you'd make as an LPN, but can pretty much tell you that the VA hospitals don't have salary caps so you can make a lot more there than the average.

I hear that nursing homes pay more, but even they can vary by as much as a few dollars an hour depending on your experience and your differentials.

Best wishes to you for a smooth transition!

Do not know about pay.

But, sent you an email of what I think are the better places to work.

I'not sure on the area yet! Can you get me some ideas please?

I'm going to visit the Tampa/ St. Petersberg area Dec. 17th. I'm an RN in the Cardiac PICU. Anyone know the going pay rate I might expect? I'm in Texas at the moment.

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