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help just took the nclex rn exam..

Hi! i'm just a new user here. I would really appreciate any help from all the nurses who made it thru their exams. It's my second time to take the exam, and it's harder and i stopped at 120. i don't really know my chances. I checked the BON website still my name is not there. I'm losing hope but I believe in God's grace. He will make a way for me. Nothing is impossible to God..


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well- I think you just have to wait and see, but we have all been there. I was positive I had failed. i was sick with worry the 3 days I had to wait. Good luck.:welcome:

How much did it cost? and did you have to repay the second time?

Good luck though! I hope you pass! :monkeydance: (No purpose for posting the monkey up, just thought it was funny :smilecoffeecup: ).

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