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Help - Imp Nursing Procedures for NCLEX

by positivemind15 positivemind15 (New) New

I an international graduate preparing for NCLEX-RN.

I am struggling with questions regarding various nursing procedures, because there are a lot of differences in what I have already practiced, from the NCLEX perspective.

So, I always find it difficult to answer them (eg. wet-to-dry dressing) especially if its a Drag & Drop question.

I am referring in many review books & googling.... But, its very time-consuming. Its a big list.. & I am loosing my confidence in myself......

Since my exam is approaching (next week) & I am stressed a lot.

Can you please tell me which are the most important procedures I should focus on, so that I could reduce my stress & be prepared for the Big test!!

Thanks a lot in advance.....