HELP! I got a question for Indian nurses.


HELP! I got a question for Indian nurses:

Is caste discrimination still a significant danger in the workplace?

Recently, I saw an Indian doctor refuse to shake hands with an Indian administrator. The doctor told the nurses that he was of a higher caste than the hospital administrator. People have been gossiping. The administrator was stunned but did nothing. People are gossiping this at work.

How bad is caste discrimination in India? I do not want to interfere with other cultures. In America, discrimination is supposed to be illegal.

Should I report people discriminating against each other if it is caste related? Also, I was wondering how Indian people cope if one caste discriminates against them, such as refusing to shake hands or talk to them.


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I'm not sure that it's your issue to report.... But it certainly is discrimination. My sister was the administrative assistant of a very wealthy Indian man. He was so awesome and great to her but she had some weird stories involving people from different caste being shunned. I thought it was odd that they were nothing but great to those " beneath " in social standing but not part of the caste system