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Help from Home Health Managers

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I am a RN-BSN student. For my practicum I will work with a preceptor from a home health agency. I have to come up with a topic to present as my project at the end of my practicum. This agency has been operating as a private pay until they receive their medicare payor number.

The problem I am having with determining a topic is that we are not to perform any practicum hours until we submit the agency documents in which we are to list the topic. It seems odd to me that we cannot be in the agency and determine its needs first. Instead we are supposed to collaborate with the the preceptor on the topic beforehand.

The preceptor suggested I submit some topics I am interested in and she will let me know if any are applicable to the agency. Our projects cannot be too involved because our practicum only lasts 8 weeks.

I would appreciate any ideas from nurse managers. I thought about staffing issues of some type since that would be appropriate even if they are not Medicare certified by the time I leave.


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you could try some of the quality topics defined by CMS like preventing rehospitalizations, depression in home care clients and is it addressed, infection control in the home, preventing falls, etc.


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