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help with hesi exam

HESI A2 Entrance Test

Im taking the Hesi in a couple of weeks.I wanted to know what type of questions were on the test and what to study for and what helped you for those who passed. Even if you dont go to broward college how was the hesi test for you.


What did you find was the toughest or was common on the test. Fractions, conversion/ metric problems, addition subtraction, multiplication division? Were the fraction problems tough and were there conversion problems based on the metric system like how many millimeters are in an inch



Anatomy Physiology

What helped you review greatly for test? old notes, Wikipedia or going to various websites

Overall, do you feel it was a tough test or easy or way easy since you reviewed the Evolve book

And, did you feel the HESI test was elementary, middle or high school (simple/ hard)



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