Help me get ready for this research job with a startup?


Hey yall,

I am about to start a job helping a startup get their new technology launched. They need a nurse to comply with their client's IRB's directive to have a licensed healthcare provider onsite during their testing. They are also enlisting the services of an outside IRB. They want to be super, super safe, set THE standard for safety for their subjects.

From what I understand I will be doing pretesting interviews, teaching and informed consents. I don't know much about this role beyond that. They are three people and I will be the fourth. It seems like it has the potential to grow big, fast.

They said they are looking for someone "entrepreneurial." They don't have a nurse to train me. I have never been in this sort of role before. It is a fabulous opportunity for the right person, and I will do my best to be the right person. I bring about a year of licensed RN experience in a SNF to the table. Relevant, I don't know.

Advice, suggestions, shared experience or resources appreciated, anything that may help me prepare for the position.

I am particularly interested in overviews of data organization systems, and how you can begin with something small with the anticipation of growth.



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I found some great resources in other research nursing threads but still would love to hear more!