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Help feeling really useless


Hi Guys,

I'm knew to allnurses. I am a psychiatric nursing intern not sure how the American nursing program works but in Europe its a four year degree. I am currently in the first 8 week placement of my internship with another three to go. I am doing miserably, keep making mistakes, errors of judgement, I get pulled up on everything. Dreading going in today as my nursing note yesterday was rushed and did not accurately describe how the situation really was, and things got blown out of proportion. I guess I just joined to feel less alone and hope to hear shared experiences that don't make me feel so incompetent.

I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Nursing school seems to be rough for a lot of us. You are not alone, I am overwhelmed most days and somedays over the cliff with insanity. I feel helpless and like I'm never gonna make it through this. Just take it day at a time. Pay attention to what needs done now instead of the overall. Don't be worrying about everything but just the tasks at hand. I hope things start to pan out for you.