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HELP on English part of TEAS


Hello, I am using the ATI Study Manual to review for the TEAS test. Apparently, I am horrible at grammar (identifying preposition, clauses, article, adjective, adverb, etc). I suppose it should be easy, but I have not taken grammar since high school.

Are there any recommend tutoring sites for the English part of the TEAS that teaches basic grammar? What books do you recommend to study for the English and Reading portion of the TEAS? I need extra help other than the ATI Study Manual.

Thanks in advance!!

I am pretty solid on Math and Science so I am very worried about the English portion.

Hey, Allycat, I'm a writing and grammar tutor while I work though prereqs for nursing school. Most of the materials I use at work I've found online by Googling whatever I plan to teach. There's a site called Englisch-hilfen where I've found a lot of what I use. It's a German site for EFL students, and it emphasizes British English over American English, so some of the exercise sentences will sound a little odd (at the weekend, on holiday, etc.), but they have good explanations and interactive exercises and the grammar works the same way in both versions of the language.

Good luck!