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Help me choose between CRNA a d CRNP


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I am a new grad of nursing school at the ripe age of 34. I am married and have a 3yo girl. At this stage of life entering a 2nd career I am focused on creating opportunities for my family like retirement for my wife and I while providing a great education for my child. I am not afraid of anything except getting stale in one area. So with that information tell me what you would/did do and how you funded the journey to your goal. Any information is greatly appreciated. If you have some information you do nit feel comfortable sharing openly please inbox me. Thanks everyone.

missnurse01, MSN, RN

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work, work ot work work work and save save save. other than that, loans. pay off debt. if it's what you want you can find a way. I am applying with 3 kids and am older than you!