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Help! Career changer seeking advice...

Hazel6880 Hazel6880 (New) New

Hi everyone.. First let me say this site is great and it's nice to see how everyone takes the time to give really helpful information.

I am a college grad with a BA in Political Science (go figure).. and I recently realized I really want to become a nurse.. I am applying to the evening ADN program at BMCC... I work fulltime and do not have the time to go to school full time...My questions are:

1. Is it hard to get a job in New York with just a ADN? I plan to go for the accelerated BSN once I get hired as an ADN if possible.

2. What is the average salary for a fresh ADN grad with no prior experience in NY?

3. Will my BA count for anything since it is in Political Science?

Thanks so much for any help anyone can provide!

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