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HELP with ATT taking for 2nd time

I received my first ATT in july then I took the exam on Aug 20 and failed. I re-applied on september 1 on breeze and paid $150. Up until now there's no news because they are still processing the re-taking application date for sept 1-15 up until now.

Will I received ATT from them or do I need to pay the $200 on Pearson VUE first in order to receive my ATT? Please help I'm eager to receive my ATT so I can focus and concentrate on studying.

Pearson Vue is who will send you the ATT. You must register and pay with them to receive your ATT. In Canada, you have to wait 45 days before you can attempt the exam again, so you might not be passed that period yet! Good luck on your exam!

I see so I just need to register on Pearson VUE because I received the letter of eligibility for my retake application. Thank you!


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