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I have been working as a RN case manager for a home health company for three months.They are very disorganized and recently cut office hours pay, I used to get paid to return to the office and fax orders for my patients. I get paid per diem and when it takes two hours to get my assignment I am losing money. I work hours a day for $100 bucks now. I put in my two weeks notice but a week later I walked in and quit. I did not accept my patient assignment and quit before shift started. My boss said she is going to have my license taken for patient abandonment. I am the provider in the house and paying for my education, I could not afford to stay or wait for hours to get my patient assignment. I live in VA, am I at risk for losing my license??? Please and thank you!!!!

Call the board. Usually if you did not clock in and did not accept an assignment it would not be. But if you clocked in there could be issues. If you carry malpractice call them.