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Ok, maybe I'm thinking too much into this, but I just majorly confused myself. Here's the problem: when thinking of poriority questions ("what would the nurse do FIRST?), I always thought (in general) 1)admin 02 then 2)put in high fowlers (when these were both answers).

However, in my one NCLEX review book, for non-reassuring FHR, it says to change the mom's position first. Ok, I understand that (to get the baby off ofthe IVC). But here's where I get confused:

In my book, it says for a PE to first admin O2 then put in high fowlers (to ease work of breathing). But for immediate interventions with CHF, it says to first put in high fowlers THEN admin o2. This just doesn't make sense to me why the "steps" would be in different order (different priority).

Any insight into this? Please help! :) Thanks everyone!

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