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HEICS Codes - Does Your Office Use them?

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To all the Ambulatory Care/ Physician Offices/ College Health Center Nurses:

Does Your Medical Facility Utilize the HEICs codes? i.e. Code Red- Fire, Code Blue- Medical Emergency, Code Gray- Security, etc.

I work at a very large College Health Care Center. When I started working there I thought it was normal to hear those codes ( Code Red/ Code Blue, etc) for certain situations. I was already out of orientation when I heard Code 606 over the intercom system. Not thinking I continued to work, until one of my fellow co-workers said, "Hey aren't you coming its a Fire Drill?" If they would have called a Code Red I know I would have responded faster and known what to do, secondary to my Hospital Experience.

I need input b/c I would like to present the HEICs Codes to my Director of Nursing at this Facility, but I would like to know that there are other facilities that are similar who utilize this system.

Thanks for any input....

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