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Healthcare Career Beside Nursing

Monkey9x Monkey9x (New) New

Hi guys,

I am asking if there any good/ high demand healthcare career that beside nursing.

Such as one of following,

Please just give me any advice that you may be now working in or/ Have been:

Surgical Technology

Longterm-care Administration

Dental Hygiene

Radiology technology

(others: please suggest)

I am in Texas. and English is my second language, is it really competitive/ difficult for me to get the job ? ( i know this question kinda sooo pessimistic)

Buyer beware specializes in GENERAL.

Well you could get a MBA; but not in healthcare administration. That's for losers.

You want an MBA in straight business. That way you'll be perfectly trained and situated to guide nursing practice from a business point of view as well as sign off on nursing practice and policy as long as it is consistent with great patient care.

Wait! Scratch that last statement.

It should read "great patient care as it relates to the bottom line."

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