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I have noticed uptick of articles on this topic and it looks like good growth area for nurses. Curious if anyone has transitioned into this area. I have been interested in this area for while now and recently completed a very detailed nutritional analysis on ways people with diseases should be tailoring their diets. The grey areas of this niche is what I have concerns about such as: 1) educational programs look non-regulated and 2) what kind of insurance would you need to get this business started?




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Hi! I'm working toward an art therapy coaching niche, something I don't even see mentioned on here yet. I have an art background and have been trying to figure out how to marry Art with Nursing. I'm currently a campus nurse at a college and have really enjoyed having workshops like relaxation/meditation. I would love to add art therapy to help students have a little different outlet for stress and anxiety. I came across life coaching art therapy certs, geared toward the lay person. I did find a class at PESI covering this for CEUs. It is more tailored for counselors, psych, etc. but looks very helpful and informational.

For now, having it non-regulated I think is a good time to get started. I'm just trying to figure out HOW to get started. I have no intention of getting the degree but certainly see it benefitting my students and possibly my community.

Anyone else looking into art therapy?

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Art therapy is a great idea, I think that would help students greatly. Many have not had their artistic side nurtured, may not even know they are artistic!

I am interested in holistic nutrition/nutritional coaching certification but like OP I am not sure what program to use! They seem to vary greatly in price as well.