MSN program, work, and marathon training

  1. Hi, everyone! How do you balance everything? Things are about to get crazy for the next two years, and I have a feeling that something's gotta give.

    I work full-time as a RN and even though I'll be going part-time soon, I'm about to embark on full-time work, full-time online MSN program (FNP), and marathon training for the next four months. I'm 1/3 through marathon training and having some serious trouble balancing running and work. My family and friends are complaining that they have to "work around" my running schedule, but it's such a special time for me where I can unwind, destress, and achieve something really cool. I'm wondering if I should postpone my marathon training a year.

    Then again, I can do anything for four months, right?

    In January, I'll be part-time in work, full-time in school, and I can cut back my running to a more manageable amount.

    Any advice would be helpful!
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