It's getting harder.

  1. It's getting harder to mentally prepare for work. I feel as if I'm losing my confidence, and I am just wanting to stay home and rest instead of dealing with 12 hours of chaos. Just knowing that I am going to have to deal with disorganization, demanding patients/family members, and little to no rest is making me exhausted before I even work. =/
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  3. by   Racer15
    Do you do anything just for you? I have a therapist, psychiatrist, and I've been trying to find time to do things just for myself even if it's just reading a book.
  4. by   Renell
    I do. I make time to do things I like, and that take my mind off of work. However, it seems my dread of work has increased compared to when I first began the job. I think it is because I am now able to notice just how flawed the system I'm working in really is.
  5. by   SeasonedTech
    I feel ya! I have to take mini vacations in addition to my regular big vacation throughout the year. I work 3 12's Noc shift and can feel when I'm burning out and wearing down. I have to take 'me' time because I can be so grouchy !