Having a Hectic Day? Try These Guaranteed Stress Busters!

  1. Having a Hectic Day? Try These Guaranteed Stress Busters!

    By Glenn Mueller
    eDiets.com Senior Writer
    Updated: September 27, 2007

    If you are having a hectic day, you certainly aren't alone. There is no question about it -- the pace of modern life has gotten extremely intense. In fact, it seems as if that Old Chinese curse is still very much alive and well: "May you live in the most interesting of times."

    Though a certain amount of stress can actually be a positive thing, internalizing too much of it will eventually destroy both your physical and mental health. But unless you are planning to move to Tibet and become a monk, it is likely that you will continue to experience high levels of stress in your everyday life. The good news is that you can learn to rise above it. In fact, we've got some guaranteed stress busters that can help you manage your anxiety before it starts to get the better of you.

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