Anyone here doing Weight Watchers?

  1. I just joined after the first of the year. I had lost a lot of weight on my own 4 years ago and was doing great at maintaining until this past year and gained back a lot of what I lost. I was getting to that point of feeling like I had lost control and needed to get back on track. For whatever reason I decided to try Weight Watchers and their new "Freestyle" program. I am guessing the gist of it is that you follow your daily allotted "Smart Points" but then there are many foods that are now zero points, so you can eat "more" of those and still lose.

    Anyway, just thought it would be nice to connect with those of us here who are doing WW, exchange tips, etc.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I'm down 17# since Labor Day. I go to meetings and track on the app. Love it and it is working for me!

    Not all meetings are created equally- because of my time constraints- I have to attend one that is exclusively seniors (I'm 62 but am BY FAR the youngest in the room!). Find one that works for you with a leader you like. Explore the connect feature on the app too. It's great. The bar code scanner is the BOMB!