Advice for single mom nurses?

  1. Hello! I am a new graduate in a CVICU on dayshift, level one hospital. You can already imagine how busy it is, very large unit. I've been working 6 months now. Doing better by the day. Love my job. Love where I work, despite how draining it can be some days. Along with balancing this life I have two small children that just started school for the first time. I am raising them by myself with the help of my parents for watching them. Trying to find balance in life right now is very difficult. Between managing the house, taking care of the kids, finding bonding time, studying for work, and feeding and watering myself occasionally is really starting to take it's toll. Does anyone have tips, advice, etc for managing all this in a better way? I will not switch jobs, I love this and need the experience for at least 3 years to go back to school. I try to cluster my shifts. Doing more than 3 days right now is a bit exhausting with coming home to make dinner and do homework with the kids and get ready for the next day. Usually don't get to bed until 11. Help!
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