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Health Insurance


Hi. I will be starting NS next semester and would like to know what kind of health insurance all of you have. Is there any particular one that is recommended more than the other? Ie. Bluecross, Kaiser, etc. Thanks!

That Guy, BSN, RN, EMT-B

Specializes in Emergency/Cath Lab. Has 6 years experience.

I'm under my parents, whatever it is, its gooooooood.

Hospice Nurse LPN, BSN, RN

Specializes in LTC, Psych, Hospice. Has 15 years experience.

I'm insured through my job. We have Blue Cross.

Check with your school. Most have student health insurance that may be cheaper compared to if you have to buy it yourself.

And if you are under 26, check if your parents can carry you to thiers, also cheaper.


Specializes in Cardiac. Has 2 years experience.

I'm covered through my work. We use Aetna and it's pretty decent for around $100/month.