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Health Care Workers In Region to Rise to 100000 By 2010 - San Diego Business Journal

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Wow. I thought Cal State San Marcos took more than just 44 students. And 1,300 applied? It's terrible the number of students that have to be turned away.

"A big problem is the lack of slots where the training takes place. For example, at Cal State San Marcos, this fall’s class of prospective nurses will number only 44 students. However, the number applying to the nursing program was 1,300, said Judy Papenhausen, director of the nursing school.

Of those who applied, the school sent out acceptance letters to 500, but that number needed to be further reduced several times simply because the program requires more teachers and supervision than other programs"

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Thank you for this information - specifically regarding CS San Marcos. I still plan to apply there, but with those numbers, I will definitely have my hopes up for somewhere else.

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